Appeal for Additional Contributions to Support Greenock Morton Football Club

Given the current situation regarding Coronavirus, and the recent decision to postpone all football until further notice, it goes without saying that our club, Greenock Morton, find themselves in an extremely challenging position.

For Morton, and many other clubs in Scotland, there is a serious cash flow shortage with significant outgoings with virtually no finances incoming.

It goes without saying that the support of MCT, our members, and indeed all fans will be critical to the club during this indefinite period.

We at MCT are in discussion with the GMFC Board to see what assistance we are able to offer.

One way or another the situation has started to affect each and every one of us to some extent, whether that be our football clubs, our way of life, our jobs or indeed our health.  Despite this, we have seen many fans reaching out during this difficult time and asking how they can help.  

Today, we are asking all fans to come together during the club’s time of need. 

For members, if at all possible, a small increase in monthly contributions would help, as would single, one-off additional donations. These donations will go directly towards alleviating the cash flow in the short term by helping to play the first-team wage bill that remains in place currently.

We have set up, via Go Cardless, single donation links for £5£10£25£30, £40£50£100.  Should anyone like to donate a different amount, or increase their current monthly contribution, please drop an email to

Should you wish to join, you can do so using the following links:

At this time, we are also appealing to the community of Morton fans who have not yet joined MCT.  We would welcome any new members at this time, but even if you don’t want to commit to a monthly payment, we are also appealing for one-off contributions that will go straight to the club and towards paying the current first-team wages.

Every single pound raised by this initiative will not only go towards alleviating the current crisis but will also contribute towards MCT’s stated aims of share retention and loan reduction. 

We should also remember that by the end of March, MCT will have contributed almost £50,000 towards the first team budget, a fantastic achievement and one that we thank you wholeheartedly for contributing towards.

If you are able to donate please click on your chosen amount or drop us an email.  Even if you are not able to contribute more financially during this current uncertain climate, we thank you for all your support to date and hope that will continue.  What you can do to help is share our messages on Facebook, Twitter and beyond and encourage your friends and fellow fans to contribute at this time and help the club when they need it most.

We appreciate any support that can be offered from those in a position to help, and any contributions would be gratefully received.

We hope all Morton fans remain safe and well, follow the official advice, and look out for the more vulnerable members of the community.

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