Morton Club Together (MCT) have today announced that member and one-off contributions since the beginning of lockdown in March have reached £25,000.

Reaching £25,000 in contributions during this challenging period is a testament to the dedication of Morton fans to their Club and highlights the significant impact MCT and its members are having.

This £25,000 has been made up of 430 members contributing £7,200 throughout March, April and May, as well as £3,400 in one-off donations made by supporters.    

During this tough time, a number of members have also offered to increase their monthly contributions to MCT.

MCT had been contributing a significant monthly sum of £7,000 towards the Morton playing budget.  As membership continues to grow, the amount MCT contributes will increase.

Between August 2019 and March 2020, MCT contributed £50,000 towards the first team budget. 

With Greenock Morton announcing that all playing staff are on furlough, MCT’s funds are not currently being passed on to the club as the funds are designed to go towards the first team budget.  What that does mean is that the money is being banked and will allow MCT to potentially significantly increase their monthly contributions once football does resume.

The organisation is currently on track to have contributed £180,000 towards the first team budget by August 2021.

Importantly, every penny raised by MCT will also contribute towards the reduction of the Club’s debt to Golden Casket.  With £500,000 being written off at the outset, MCT are well on their way to seeing a second £500,000 written off when £100,000 in contributions is reached.

MCT, who are now the Club’s second largest shareholder, aims to contribute to the delivery of a viable, sustainable and successful Greenock Morton Football Club into the long-term future, both on and off the park, for and with the Morton community. 

The football club have regularly cited the support of MCT as a key part of their dealings in terms of signings and contract extensions, most recently with the likes of Kyle Jacobs and Kalvin Orsi, and earlier in the season with Youth Academy graduates Reece Lyon and Lewis Strapp.

In January, MCT announced that they would begin exploration into community ownership of Greenock Morton.  While Covid-19 has raised some challenges, they are continuing to pursue this.

Morton Club Together Founder and Chair Graham McLennan said, “MCT would be nothing without our members.  We thank every single member for their contributions and everyone else who has wished us well and engaged with MCT.

“Covid-19 presents challenges for football clubs across Scotland, but the generosity of our members will help the Club be in the best position possible at the other side.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to the many volunteers who have come forward since day one, who together help drive MCT forward and make it a success.   

Morton Club Together Director Stewart Farmer said, “Not only did MCT contribute £50,000 towards the first team playing budget last season, but we are also on target to have contributed £180,000 by the end of the next season. 

“To have raised £25,000 during this extremely difficult period is incredible and I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed towards this.”

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