MCT, and indeed many fans, had significant concerns over the capacity of the website prior to the game and strongly advised testing its capability. Unfortunately, that was not done, and the harsh lesson was learned in a competitive scenario leaving many of us angry and frustrated as we tried to tune in.

Following MCT making our disappointment clear, the club invited us to be part of the discussions regarding the situation. During these discussions we shared our disappointment, and were keen to hear how the club planned to move forward, both with limiting the damage to fans from last night, and seeking a new way forward.

You will hopefully all have seen the statement from Greenock Morton Chairman Crawford Rae this morning. If you have not, you can do so here.

The key points from Crawford’s statement are:

  • The club have apologised unreservedly for the failure of the match streaming service.
  • All fans who purchased tickets for Tuesday night’s stream will be refunded in full. This process will be done automatically by the club and you will not have to claim.
  • The club believe that the developers have identified the issues that caused the problems and the steps needed to correct them.
  • A test event will be carried to ensure they have found a workable solution ahead of Tuesday night’s game against Queens Park.

We are pleased to see that the club have apologised to all fans and indeed committed to refunding everyone who did not get to view the match as intended on Tuesday night.

Further details in terms of timings for the test will be provided by the club in due course. Fans will have to re-register due to the new process but we would encourage as many of our members to take part in this test event as possible as it will help ensure that the club can effectively test the system.

At MCT, this testing is what we advocated should have happened prior to the Queen of the South game. Unfortunately, that is now in the past and we must look towards the future with the expectation that lessons have been learned.

Given the current circumstances, streaming is the club’s main source of income and it is extremely important that the service provided meets expectations to ensure that fans from across the globe can tune in and watch Morton in action.

With further Covid restrictions being announced yesterday, we believe this is more important than ever as the opportunity to watch our team play is something that many of us have been eagerly awaiting.

Like all of you, we hope and expect to see a successful stream for next Tuesday’s game at Cappielow against Queens Park.


MCT Team

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