Morton Club Together (MCT) were disappointed by yesterday’s announcement of the resignation of the former manager David Hopkin.  With the season only two months old, and shortened due to Covid-19, the impact on the remainder of the season of losing a manager is undoubtedly a concern.

From our work on progressing towards the transition to community ownership, it has become clear to us that the club is in a difficult financial position.  We also understand that this is an unusual season and realise that planning for this campaign was difficult to predict and project with any accuracy. 

Despite this, and with MCT’s significant financial backing, the former manager was provided with a budget we are led to believe was the best the club could offer. The budget, which may have been viewed as far from ideal by some, allowed for a first team of 22 players to be retained and recruited.

The club have publicly advised in their statement that the manager has resigned to help with the financial challenges faced. Whilst this may be a commendable action, we also do have concerns on both the consequences and the responsibility now placed on any managerial successor. 

Nevertheless, the fiscal situation faced by the club is clearly significant.  MCT has been able to gain more insight in the past weeks on these pressures and have concerns which go beyond the present managerial situation. These are now shared by the board of the club.

As an organisation, we want to be frank with our members and the wider fanbase.  The reality is the future of the club is at stake right now.   

For MCT, the focus remains on being that future for the club.  We are working towards this transition, and indeed the appointment of a second MCT representative to the Greenock Morton Board will help that.  Through our feasibility work, and dealings with the club, we believe that a fresh start will not only be beneficial but is crucial for the future of the club.

We know it is tough in the face of ongoing adversity, but we would ask that all Morton fans come together and get behind MCT, allowing us to move Morton forward into a new era in our history, one that will have fans at the heart of it.     

We will be updating on our progress behind the scenes, and the work ongoing towards the transition, early in 2021, but for now we ask that Morton fans everywhere who want change, and want a fresh start, get behind MCT and help us be that change.

Together we have the potential to give Greenock Morton a fresh start, something that it is clear to us that there is an appetite for.

In the immediate term, we hope that whatever managerial outcome is reached will be one that helps give stability and gives fans a renewed resolve to help get the club through the remainder of this season.  

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