Breaking 7th January 2020

This is a very important period in the 150-year history of Greenock Morton Football Club.
Morton is going through a transition, based on a break even budget. Of course this means it’s tough times right now at Cappielow and we believe that with hard work and by everyone pulling together, an exciting future could lie ahead with the fans in control.
Morton Club Together has been up and running since May last year, and has made massive strides towards increasing the Morton first team playing budget and improving the club’s long term sustainability.
And now, as the newly established second largest shareholder at Greenock Morton Football Club, alongside our almost 400 members, MCT has started formally exploring if community ownership of Morton could work and how best this can be achieved. We are acting in response to a mandate presented through a recent survey of MCT members, and by listening to and taking account of feedback from the wider Morton fan-base.
Almost every supporter we’ve spoken with wants change. MCT is the only game in town to make this change happen. At the same time we will continue to deliver on our objective, on behalf of our members and the wider Morton community, of helping to move Morton forward both off and off the park.
MCT members have already contributed £6000 a month to the Morton first team budget since August, which has boosted funds available to the Manager by more than 20% this season.
We’ve also had the debt that Morton faces reduced by £500,000 and have an agreement with majority owner, Golden Casket, to have the remaining £2m debt written off by the end of next season, assuming we hit our target of contributing £400,000 to the first team budget in that period. So every £10 contributed by MCT members means Morton is more than £70 better off.
The current majority owner has stated that community ownership is their preferred future for Morton, and our members have positioned MCT well to be the vehicle to deliver it. Within an estimated 9 months we’ll have left no stone unturned in exploring if community ownership of Morton is possible and, if so, what our plan is to achieve it. There are many questions and challenges ahead. We’ll work tirelessly to find answers and overcome the challenges.
Morton fans could choose to continue to wait around for a white knight new owner to appear over the horizon, and there’s no indication that this is going to happen. So, we must demonstrate that all of us fans mean business and we therefore need as many people as possible to join MCT as a show of strength! Talking and waiting is not an option any more.
The beauty of MCT is that every penny of members’ contributions goes straight to the first team budget. Our best chance of staying in the Championship is to boost the playing budget so that the Manager has more money to attempt to strengthen the squad in the January transfer window. Staying in the Championship makes the dream of community ownership, and building a successful footballing future, much closer tobeing possible. So joining MCT now really is a win-win!
As we’ve said from day one, we want more supporters to step up and help us drive
MCT and Morton forward. We’re not saying to people simply to fork out their hard earned cash and that’s that. We’re giving all supporters the chance to directly change their club for the better, become part of the possible majority ownership and help us shape the future for our Morton. MCT is open to all!
If you are already an MCT member, thank-you! You are making huge, positive difference to your Morton.
If you’ve not yet joined MCT and now want to be part of the process of driving the Morton we love into a new era, and you believe that fans have a right to be fully engaged, you can join MCT today.
If you can afford to contribute £10 a month for a fixed period of 24 months, you can become a member today and become a part of moving Morton forward.

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