Morton Club Together (MCT) have today announced that member and one-off contributions since the beginning of lockdown in March have reached £25,000.

Reaching £25,000 in contributions during this challenging period is a testament to the dedication of Morton fans to their Club and highlights the significant impact MCT and its members are having.

This £25,000 has been made up of 430 members contributing £7,200 throughout March, April and May, as well as £3,400 in one-off donations made by supporters.    

During this tough time, a number of members have also offered to increase their monthly contributions to MCT.

MCT had been contributing a significant monthly sum of £7,000 towards the Morton playing budget.  As membership continues to grow, the amount MCT contributes will increase.

Between August 2019 and March 2020, MCT contributed £50,000 towards the first team budget. 

With Greenock Morton announcing that all playing staff are on furlough, MCT’s funds are not currently being passed on to the club as the funds are designed to go towards the first team budget.  What that does mean is that the money is being banked and will allow MCT to potentially significantly increase their monthly contributions once football does resume.

The organisation is currently on track to have contributed £180,000 towards the first team budget by August 2021.

Importantly, every penny raised by MCT will also contribute towards the reduction of the Club’s debt to Golden Casket.  With £500,000 being written off at the outset, MCT are well on their way to seeing a second £500,000 written off when £100,000 in contributions is reached.

MCT, who are now the Club’s second largest shareholder, aims to contribute to the delivery of a viable, sustainable and successful Greenock Morton Football Club into the long-term future, both on and off the park, for and with the Morton community. 

The football club have regularly cited the support of MCT as a key part of their dealings in terms of signings and contract extensions, most recently with the likes of Kyle Jacobs and Kalvin Orsi, and earlier in the season with Youth Academy graduates Reece Lyon and Lewis Strapp.

In January, MCT announced that they would begin exploration into community ownership of Greenock Morton.  While Covid-19 has raised some challenges, they are continuing to pursue this.

Morton Club Together Founder and Chair Graham McLennan said, “MCT would be nothing without our members.  We thank every single member for their contributions and everyone else who has wished us well and engaged with MCT.

“Covid-19 presents challenges for football clubs across Scotland, but the generosity of our members will help the Club be in the best position possible at the other side.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to the many volunteers who have come forward since day one, who together help drive MCT forward and make it a success.   

Morton Club Together Director Stewart Farmer said, “Not only did MCT contribute £50,000 towards the first team playing budget last season, but we are also on target to have contributed £180,000 by the end of the next season. 

“To have raised £25,000 during this extremely difficult period is incredible and I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed towards this.”



Today marks a year to the day since Morton Club Together was launched! 

It’s been an incredible year for MCT. From a standing start 365 days ago, a significant amount has been achieved.

We now have 430 members, have contributed £50,000 to the Greenock Morton first team budget, and our members have pledged £182,000 in total by August 2021 which is phenomenal. 

As the second largest shareholder at Cappielow, we are constantly striving to have our members’ voices heard and make a positive impact at the club.

What is clear is none of this would have been possible without the support of each and every one of you.  We would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your continued support of MCT.

A lot has been achieved but we are still pushing forward.

In January, we announced that we would be exploring the feasibility of community ownership.  While this has been made slightly more difficult by Coronavirus, we can assure you we are still actively carrying out this feasibility study.

We are all in this together, and we all want the same thing – to move Morton forward.

As ever, we welcome feedback from all our members so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  During this tough period, even if you just want to chat to one of the team about Anything at all, we would love to hear from you.

Stay safe, and thank you again!

We hope we will be standing with you at Cappielow again in the not too distant future.

MCT Team



As outlined in the Open Letter to Fans published by Greenock Morton this afternoon, an agreement has been reached with players that will see them placed on furlough.  Morton Club Together (MCT) have been in close communication with the Club since the beginning of the current situation and have worked hard alongside them to reach best solution for the long-term sustainability of the Club.
The first thing to note, is that the ongoing contributions and additional contributions made in recent weeks have been extremely valuable and appreciated.  Since the suspension of football, the club’s cashflow has understandably been significantly affected and the backing of MCT and its members has been vital.
With the first team squad now being furloughed, we want to explain how MCT money will be used in the coming months. 
Since the players wages will be being covered by the government’s scheme, a scheme which will be extremely valuable to Morton, MCT will not be making contributions until the players are off the furlough scheme.
Looking ahead to when football resumes, this will put MCT and the Football Club in a much stronger position than would have been possible otherwise.  It means that the money that would have been contributed during this time will instead be accrued and will go towards the budget once play resumes, allowing us to potentially increase our monthly contributions by a significant amount. 
What is also important to keep in mind, is that once football does resume, it may take time for cashflow to reach its potential and therefore the support of MCT towards first team wages will be crucial for getting things back up and running. 
What this current situation has highlighted is just how important the support of MCT and all of its members has been and will be to the Football Club.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing commitment and contributions.  There are now 430 members of MCT and we have contributed more than £50,000 to the playing budget.  Looking forward, we will be on target to significantly increase our contributions to the playing budget once play resumes. 
We realise this is a tough financial time for many people, but by continuing with your monthly contributions during this time, it will make a massive difference as outlined above.
As always, if anyone has any questions at all, please do get in touch.  You can do so by emailing enquiries@mortonclubtogether.com and we will be happy to answer any questions.
Finally, we would just like to offer one more sincere thanks to each and every one of you and say that we hope you and your families all stay safe during this difficult time.
We can’t wait to be back at Cappielow once play resumes and your support helps ensure that we will still be able to do that once this is all over and long into the future.
MCT Directors
Graham McLennan, Stewart Farmer, Gordon Ritchie and Ivor McCauley


Morton Club Together – Covid-19/Coronavirus

Appeal for Additional Contributions to Support Greenock Morton Football Club

Given the current situation regarding Coronavirus, and the recent decision to postpone all football until further notice, it goes without saying that our club, Greenock Morton, find themselves in an extremely challenging position.
For Morton, and many other clubs in Scotland, there is a serious cash flow shortage with significant outgoings with virtually no finances incoming.
It goes without saying that the support of MCT, our members, and indeed all fans will be critical to the club during this indefinite period.
We at MCT are in discussion with the GMFC Board to see what assistance we are able to offer.
One way or another the situation has started to affect each and every one of us to some extent, whether that be our football clubs, our way of life, our jobs or indeed our health.  Despite this, we have seen many fans reaching out during this difficult time and asking how they can help.  
Today, we are asking all fans to come together during the club’s time of need. 
For members, if at all possible, a small increase in monthly contributions would help, as would single, one-off additional donations. These donations will go directly towards alleviating the cash flow in the short term by helping to play the first-team wage bill that remains in place currently.
We have set up, via Go Cardless, single donation links for £5, £10, £25£30, £40£50£100.  Should anyone like to donate a different amount, or increase their current monthly contribution, please drop an email to enquiries@mortonclubtogether.com
Should you wish to join, you can do so using the following links:
At this time, we are also appealing to the community of Morton fans who have not yet joined MCT.  We would welcome any new members at this time, but even if you don’t want to commit to a monthly payment, we are also appealing for one-off contributions that will go straight to the club and towards paying the current first-team wages.
Every single pound raised by this initiative will not only go towards alleviating the current crisis but will also contribute towards MCT’s stated aims of share retention and loan reduction. 
We should also remember that by the end of March, MCT will have contributed almost £50,000 towards the first team budget, a fantastic achievement and one that we thank you wholeheartedly for contributing towards.
If you are able to donate please click on your chosen amount or drop us an email.  Even if you are not able to contribute more financially during this current uncertain climate, we thank you for all your support to date and hope that will continue.  What you can do to help is share our messages on Facebook, Twitter and beyond and encourage your friends and fellow fans to contribute at this time and help the club when they need it most.
We appreciate any support that can be offered from those in a position to help, and any contributions would be gratefully received.
We hope all Morton fans remain safe and well, follow the official advice, and look out for the more vulnerable members of the community.


Go Cardless, single donation links – £5, £10, £25£30, £40£50£100.  Should anyone like to donate a different amount, or increase their monthly contribution, please drop an email to enquiries@mortonclubtogether.com

Morton Club Together Sports Dinner – Postponed

We are delighted to announce that Morton Club Together will be holding a Sports Dinner in Greenock Town Hall on Saturday 4th April, commencing 6.30pm.

The event promises to be a fun and fascinating evening with Peter Martin Hosting.

Alan Rough and Andy Ritchie will also be in attendance to discuss “that free kick” with Peter, and our main speaker will be the popular former footballer Des McKeown.

Tickets will be £45 per person or £400 for a table of ten and will include a three course meal with tea and coffee.

All funds generated from the event will be shared between the Morton Youth Academy and Morton Club Together.

MCT Funding Contributes to Jacobs’ Contract Extension

Morton CEO David MacKinnon has confirmed that support from MCT allowed the club to extend Kyle Jacobs’ contract beyond the end of the season. The CEO also commented that MCT’s backing has had a positive impact upon the club’s recruitment policy as a whole;  
“Following the contract extensions of academy graduates, Lewis Strapp and Reece Lyon, Kyle Jacobs is the first senior player to commit to the club for next season and beyond. We’re working hard behind the scenes to build a squad for the long term, and are hopeful in bringing in one or two new faces during what’s left of the window. Without the support of the Club Board and MCT members, this signing strategy would not be possible and we’d like to thank each MCT member for their support. Every penny raised goes directly into Hoppy’s first team budget and we greatly appreciate your commitment.”
MCT is committed to allowing Morton to build a first team squad geared towards stability and ultimately, success. We welcome our contribution allowing a greater level of continuity within the first team squad. Every single pledge we receive helps boost Morton’s first team squad and helps to reduce the club’s debt. We are striving towards a successful Morton team on-the-pitch, with a secure long-term future off-the-pitch. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single Morton fan who is helping to move Morton forward.

Extract of Program Notes from GMFC Chairman January 2020

The supporters are the life blood of any Club and Morton Club Together have been adding great value to the Club to the tune of £6000 per month to the playing budget since August, with a big push this week for additional membership to see if the dream of Community Ownership can become reality. The Club are fully behind and are supporters of Community Ownership, we know things are tough right now, however I would urge every supporter who wants to see Morton play at a higher level to get on board and buy into the community vision. No one person can do it alone, the Rae’s will continue to contribute and support financially as much as we possibly can, but you can never do anything alone. What has ever been accomplished in this world has been accomplished collectively as a team. Let’s all push this great Club forward together

BREAKING NEWS – 7th January 2020

Morton Club Together starts exploration of community ownership

The second largest shareholder at Greenock Morton Football Club has announced today that it is formally exploring if community ownership of the club could work and how best this can be achieved.
Non-profit company Morton Club Together (MCT) is embarking on the exploration of a community ownership project with “energy, urgency and positivity”. It is acting in response to a mandate presented to it by its 390+ members in a recent survey, and through taking account of feedback from the wider fan base.

MCT Founder and Chair, Graham McLennan, said;

“Over 400 MCT members have already contributed £6000 a month to the Morton first team budget since August, which has boosted funds available to the Manager by more than 20% this season.
“From a standing start in May last year, MCT and our growing band of members have shown we can make a difference. The club is going through a major transition, based on a break even budget. Of course this means it’s tough times right now at Cappielow and we believe that with hard work and by all pulling together, an exciting future could lie ahead with the fans in control.
“We’ve already had the debt that Morton faces reduced by £500,000 and have an agreement with majority owner, Golden Casket, to have the remaining £2m debt written off by the end of next season, assuming we hit our target of contributing £400,000 to the first team in that period. So every £10 contributed by MCT members means Morton is more than £70 better off.”
Experts believe that a debt free Morton, could well be a viable and competitive proposition through majority community ownership. St Mirren is working towards this outcome and the Foundation of Hearts plans to take over a controlling interest in their club, from Ann Budge, later this year.

Stewart Farmer, also a volunteer director at MCT added; 

“The current majority owner has stated that community ownership is their preferred future for Morton, and our members have positioned MCT well to be the vehicle to deliver it. Within an estimated 9 months we’ll have left no stone unturned in exploring if community ownership of Morton is possible and, if so, what our plan is to achieve it. There are many questions and challenges ahead. We’ll work tirelessly to find answers and overcome the challenges.
“Morton fans could choose to continue to wait around for a white knight to appear over the horizon, and there’s no indication that this is going to happen.”
And in a call to arms, Morton Club Together is today asking more fans to dig deep to join the existing members, in a show of strength.

Gordon Ritchie, another of the MCT directors, also added;

“Almost every fan we’ve spoken with wants change. MCT is the only game in town to make this change happen.
“This is a strength in numbers situation. If supporters out there can afford to contribute £10 a month, we’re urging them to join us today by pressing a few buttons on our website. All Morton supporters can take responsibility for the Morton we love and demonstrate that we mean business. Talking and waiting is not an option any more.
“The beauty of MCT is that every penny of members’ contributions goes straight to the first team budget. Our best chance of staying in the Championship is to boost the playing budget so that the Manager has more money to attempt to strengthen the squad in the January transfer window. Staying in the Championship makes the dream of community ownership, and building a successful footballing future, much closer to being possible. So joining MCT really is a win-win!”
“As we’ve said from day one, we want more supporters to step up and help us drive MCT and Morton forward. We’re not saying to people simply to fork out their hard earned cash and that’s that. We’re giving supporters the chance to directly help and change their club for the better, become part of the possible majority ownership and shape the future for our Morton. MCT is open to all!
“Stewart and I didn’t know Graham before May last year. We are now active directors of MCT. If you believe you could help us and the MCT team to help Morton, and you believe that fans have a right to be fully engaged, please come forward. This is our big chance!”
Crawford Rae, Chairman of Greenock Morton and current majority owner, Golden Casket, commented;
“My family have invested significant resources into Greenock Morton Football Club for over two decades as it was my Father’s principal ambition to return the Club that he loved back to the top flight of Scottish Football.  It is therefore imperative for me to ensure that the legacy my Father has left behind can flourish, grow and hopefully achieve this ambition for all the people of Inverclyde.
“If Morton Club Together and all of its members can demonstrate a cogent plan and the capability to deliver it, then we believe this could be the best option for the Club and I will ensure that Golden Casket and Morton FC co-operates fully with MCT throughout the process of exploring if and how majority community ownership of the club we all love could be delivered.”
You can join MCT by visiting their website www.mortonclubtogether.com and ask any questions by emailing enquiries@mortonclubtogether.com

Summary of feedback from our members’s surveResy

December 2019

Results of our members’ survey released.

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Morton fans’ group boosts club by making first investment

Greenock Telegraph

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Morton fans’ share deal sees funds made available to bring in players

Greenock Telegraph

Friday 28th June 2019

MCT launch “Our Morton Story” – Watch Mr Allan McGraw start the campaign.


Tuesday 25th June 2019

MCT Release critical timeline tasks for July


Saturday 22nd June 2019

£162,020 so far from 405 pledgers


Thursday 20th June 2019

Morton supporters are Ton to something.

Daily Record

Thursday 20th June 2019

£147k so far from 376 pledgers


Sunday 16th June 2019

Win a signed GMFC ball


Saturday 15th June 2019

350th pledge affirmed just as MCT re-launch website


Friday 14th June 2019

MCT announce winner of the signed Morton ball in our Under 18 free draw


Thursday 13th June 2019

Morton fan ownership scheme will go ahead even if the ambitious £400,000 target is not met.

Greenock Telegraph

Sunday 8th June 2019:

Morton Club Together invite pledgers to celebrate Pledging Deadline.


Saturday 8 June 2019:

Morton Club Together vlog #2

Friday 7th June 2019:

MCT welcome Chartered Accountant Ian McDougall to the voluntary team in the role of Accountant and Financial/Business Advisor.


Thursday 6th June 2019:

MCT Statement from meeting between members of the MCT Leadership Team and representatives from Morton FC, including Crawford Rae and David McKinnon on Monday 3rd June 2019.


Sunday 2 June 2019:

Morton Club Together vlog #1

Friday 31st May 2019:

Allan McGraw reckons David Hopkin is the perfect man to drive Morton forward

Herald Sport

Saturday 25th May 2019:

Boss Hopkin backs Morton Club Together scheme

Greenock Telegraph‏

Friday 11th May 2019:

Legends, Allan McGraw, and George Anderson; both throw their support behind MCT.


Thursday 9th May 2019:

Morton chairman believes fans’ investment is the way forward

Greenock Telegraph‏

Tuesday 7th May 2019:

Dreams of fan ownership amid end-of-season turmoil at Morton

Evening Times

Saturday 27 April 2019:

The Greenock Telegraph about the Morton Club Together launch is available by clicking below

Greenock Telegraph MCT

Friday 26 April 2019:

The Scottish Sun Article about the Morton Club Together launch is available by clicking below

Scottish Sun MCT

Friday 26 April 2019:

The Daily Record Article about the Morton Club Together launch is available by clicking below

Daily Record MCT

Friday 26 April 2019, 0001 hrs:

Morton Club Together Launches!
Rallying Call to the Inverclyde Community, Morton Supporters Worldwide and Football Lovers Everywhere!

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